100 Men Doing Good

An inspirational event bringing the hearts and minds of expat men together to do something wonderful for local charities in Singapore.

Who We Are

100 Men Doing Good launched in September 2015 and smashed another $10,000
fundraising target! Thanks to all the good men who took part and are already helping to spread the word about an event where, not only can you make a difference to people’s lives, but there’s great networking, free beer and good food!

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Living and working in such a prosperous country as Singapore it is easy to think that there are not many people in the local community that need help. However, in attending the 100 Men Doing Good event last week and hearing from local charities in Singapore it opened my eyes to some of the great causes working out of the spot light. Not only did I find this event a very enjoyable evening meeting fellow foreigners but it was also a rewarding experience to make a valuable contribution to the local community. My single contribution was small but collectively amongst the 100 Men Doing Good it can make a real difference to those who are less fortunate.

Brian Shuptrine

100 men doing good is such a simple concept, bring like minded people together for an evening and more importantly a great opportunity for charities within Singapore to reach out to people they otherwise may not have been able to. In a country in which, we take so much for granted it’s great to have the opportunity to give back to organisations that work hard to improve the lives of so many.

In short a great concept that has the potential to do wonderful work!

Tamas King

“100 Men Doing Good” delivered a very successful evening that brought together a group of like-minded people looking to help others. This one night raised over $10,000 with every cent going to various Singapore charities that help the many people affected by issues such as homelessness, domestic violence or mental health problems to name a few. The challenges faced are huge and it was great to help out and make a difference. It was a very worthwhile experience and will stay with all involved for some time to come.

Adam Maynard

I enjoyed the 100 Men Doing Good event and opportunity to hear directly from Grassroots organisations here in Singapore who are contributing so positively to the community. It was a unique event and for expats looking to connect to local causes and community movements, this was a direct, transparent and effective method of engagement.

Peter Murray